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Welcome, Come Stay with Us!!!

Spend some of what is most valuable, your "TIME"...with us


We are located in the town of Columbia Falls in beautiful Downeast Maine where the Bold Coast and the Maine Woods intersect. Our luxurious rustic cabins are surrounded by the Worcester Balsam Farm's private land holdings to explore and are built with the intention of our guests viewing the progress of the future Flagpole of Freedom Park. 

We are in a perfect area for enjoying a lot of Maine’s treasures. Our guests literally stay on an elevated piece property that borders fields of Maine Wild Blueberries with a 360 degree view of over 25 miles on one side and the vast Maine Forest on the other. Within 15-20 minute drives their are several quaint coastal communities to explore that have unique offerings and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. (Roque Bluffs, Jonesport, Beals, Addison, Harrington, Milbridge to name a few). Also 20 minutes away is the Machias Area that has several amenities and popular eateries. Our proximity (50 miles by car) to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park makes a nice day trip from the cabins.


Just so our guests don't have to rough it we have the Liberty Kitchen Take-Out that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.


Btw: Columbia Falls has the perfect average summer temperature of 72 degrees during the day and 50 degrees overnight to beat the heat the rest of the Country gets.


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