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About Flagpole View Cabins

Flagpole View Cabins are owned and operated by The Worcester Family - Morrill, Rob, Mike and their families.  Located in the peaceful, beautiful place they call home.


The Worcester family has farmed balsam for years, working day in and day out to cultivate and care for thousands of acres of rolling balsam forest tucked away in a quiet corner of Downeast Maine. Our hard work and careful stewardship yield the fullest and most fragrant balsam anywhere: fresh, lush, and ready for the upcoming holiday season.


One walk through the fragrant grounds of the tipland, and you’ll feel something quite different—a sense of peace, of purpose. A drive along the many miles of back roads, and you’ll see the dog tags of thousands of veterans who have served, glistening in the trees; each set of tags seeking to honor and remember a fallen veteran. When the wind is right, you will hear the gentle chimes of those who sacrificed for our freedom. 

It is from these same sacred forests that the wreaths used by Wreaths Across America in the annual wreath-laying ceremonies are handcrafted. We’re honored and proud that our commitment to integrity and quality led to them to choose us as their provider of quality wreaths. 


Our latest and most grand project to date is the Flagpole of Freedom Park.  Freedom Park, set within the majestic tipland, is an initiative of historic scale and scope fueled by love of country, respect for veterans, and a thirst for this country’s storied history. At the heart of this apolitical destination is a purpose driven company whose core goal is to help build unity and pride for America. The Flagpole of Freedom Park is part national monument, part historical adventure, part immersive tech-driven museum and part architectural wonder. 

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